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When a feather overwhelms Mount Tai Private

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Sang Luoqing looked at her coldly for a long time. Have you decided? "Well, help me out." "Good!"! I'll help you. It's just that it's useless for you to beg your master.outer hall and wait, leading Sangluo to the inner hall. Dijun? We meet again! The man behind the beaded curtain gently pulled the corners of his mouth, his pale blue gown was draped over his body, his long hair was gathered at will, the exquisite cup in his hand was still as light as water, he drank lazily beside the blue jade table, and his charming long eyes were focused on the mulberry of the purple robe in the hall. Taichi, all this trouble is just to force her to see you. She's coming. Let Taiqing yuanjun go! In the hall, the night wind is flourishing, mixed with the cold fragrance of the lotus, floating faintly, blowing the mulberry brocade robe rustling, long hair flying in the air. Oh? Although you found her first, she still can't remember you, and now she is fascinated by Taiqing. Aren't you afraid? Always pretending to be so righteous,plastic cosmetic tubes, no wonder you always miss her! Tai Yi put down the cup and pulled his lips to sneer. Hurt what she cares about, and can not increase your position in her heart, why bother? Do you have the heart to see her hurt? No one knows how to hurt her better than you! Don't forget, isn't it because of you that she has come this far? Since the last time Donghuangzhong and Hetuluoshu were sacrificed at the same time, I slept in the vast chaos for hundreds of thousands of years, but when I woke up again, everything.. It seems to be hard to imagine. You have become the king of all the demons at the edge of the dome, and I will also become the Emperor of Heaven. She will come back to me, Xi and come back to you,aluminium laminated tube, and everything will start over as before. "No!"! Never again! How can you tear your heart out again? Unable! Xiaoxiao waited outside the hall for a long time, but Sangluo never came out. Could it be that things were not going smoothly? Her rank was so low that she had never been to the Temple of Heaven. She stood there, her only eyes daring to glance back and forth, and her feet ached. Quietly changed a position, she kept beating the calf, just want to find a quiet place to sit, just the fairy came to her Pinting. Girl, your Highness, please! Looking at the fairy's respectful appearance, a little stay, somehow in the sky for thousands of years, the Tiantai Hall can be called Your Highness is really not much! Can come to come, what also have to bite the bullet on. In the temple, Sang Luo looked at her quietly, so seriously, so hard, as if he wanted to see her in his heart and never let her out again. Sangluo The front of the purple robe swung lightly, and Xiaocai noticed that he had tied up his hair today, eye cream packing tube ,empty cosmetic tubes, added a black jade crown, looked at Xuan and Ji, and the stars were bright. Feeling her uneasiness, Sangluo's resolute face raised a soothing smile. Although it was only as small as the new buds on the willow branches, it made a lot of waves in her little heart. He stretched out his hand to her, small and leisurely, and let him hold it. Here, the only thing she trusted was Sangluo. The beaded curtain is ringing, and I look at it curiously. Chapter 29: Access 2 Beaded curtain green ring, a little curious to look past, there is also a pair of long and narrow eyes waiting for her. As soon as her eyes arrived, they immediately melted into the open fire between Shaohao's black eyes. In Shaohao's eyes, the vines were tangled, and at the moment when the four eyes were connected, it was like e to Sangluo's anger. Ok! You want to destroy my temple? It's just a courtesy kiss. Dijun, you're getting more and more stingy! Small nest in Sangluo arms, the surrounding voice can not be heard, things can not see clearly, Shaohao just kissed her moment, like. They had known each other for thousands of years, and their minds began to be confused again. In the confusion, a voice with a light smile kept saying in their ears: "When you're unhappy, come to me and drink sake with you." "You can cultivate your body, but it's not just that he has cultivated you, we have the same blood." "With you around, this dome mulberry will be angry, when you cry, my heart will follow the throbbing pain, seems to be gouged out,cosmetic tube, I do not know what love is, but I can do, is not to let you cry.." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com