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Wesley 091 (The Big Secret) Private

10 months ago Educational Business Banting   32 views

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In the meantime, I don't know how many big secrets there are.  That proved to be the case. As for Tie Tianyin's intention to keep the great secret of the Twelve Heavenly Officials for himself, and where he went at this time, I still know nothing. I took a sip of wine and said, 'That's amazing. This Longtianguan wants to be Li Shimin. But he had an abacus.  The bamboo tube, with a strong'whirring 'wind, flew to the iron egg. If it weren't for the iron egg, he would have been killed by the wine. This extremely tall man,pallet rack shelving, of course, was Niu Tianguan, one of the twelve heavenly officials, that is, the master of the Niu Tianguan who drank with the red silk. He said that he had to drink ten tubes of wine a day and lived to be ninety-nine years old. At that time, I casually said, 'The matter of the old heavenly official has long been obliterated and cannot be done accurately.' This led to the box of records, which led to the process of gradually revealing the big secret. The beginning of everything is just a casual word. Tiedan caught the bamboo tube, drank heavily, and shook his head: 'Brother Long, it's not a feudal Dynasty now, and the father is in charge.. Such a thing is not without, but- 'Before he had finished speaking, Long Tianguan said in a deep voice,' We have made up our minds. You don't have to say much. ' By this time, Tiedan had recovered from the extreme shock. As soon as he heard Long Tianguan say this, metal racking systems ,teardrop pallet racking, he was both angry and amused. He immediately replied, 'What's the use of your decision? It's better if the leader is willing.' Long Tianguan stretched out his hand and pointed straight at Tiedan. His expression was extremely rude.  As long as there is trouble, the situation will be chaotic. And in those eight or ten years, with his special position and special talent,heavy duty rack manufacturers, plus the terror of the twelve heavenly officials. At this point, I felt that Long Tianguan's ambition and plans to be realized had greatly increased, so I could not help feeling a chill. kingmoreracking.com