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The seventh wife of the president. Private

4 months ago Educational Business Banting   11 views

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Long Yunhai just entered the bathroom for a while, but his cell phone was ringing persistently. It seemed that the caller was very insistent.  The sea of clouds asked you not to call us again! Du Xueyan replied coldly, hung up the phone, and then pressed the shutdown button without hesitation. Xia Zixin, so you also play these tricks, but also human life is at stake? Hum, when I Du Xueyan is a fool, today he just returned to Binhai,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, you let people call, but I look down on you. Long Yunhai took a quiet bath in the bathroom. He was not a fool. Du Xueyan pushed him away and would definitely drug him in the wine, just like the night of Valentine's Day. Let her chin, he thought silently, the last night, since she wanted to be with him so much,potassium sulphate fertilizer, just satisfy her for one night, even if it left her some good memories. This is the last time, he thought in the bathroom, even for the love, the final breakup, leaving some good memories, but also to draw a full stop to his love. Love, from tonight on, there is no such novel in Long Yunhai's life. What he has is only responsibility, loyalty to marriage and family. So, after Long Yunhai came out of the bathroom, Magnesium Oxide powder ,Magnesium Oxide MgO, everything was in Du Xueyan's expectation, so everything that should happen was happening. Outside the window, the thunder is loud, the wind and the rainstorm are mercilessly torturing this southern city, it seems that the typhoon has arrived ahead of schedule. Inside the window, a gorgeous big bed. Go The people who are pestering are so intense, it seems that both of them have been abstinent for too long, and the dry material and the fire are out of control.  Because she did not consider that Xia Zixin would give birth here, she did not prepare the baby's clothes and all the Fang Shuxi needed for the birth. Time goes by minute by minute, a Yong has been out for more than an hour, has not seen back, a Hao irritably made a phone call, for Long Yunhai has not reported any hope. Liu Ma, I feel like I'm going to shit. Please help me to the bathroom. It seems a little urgent. Xia Zixin said to Liu Ma in pain. Shit? Why so fast? Liu Ma knew what was going on, she hurriedly looked at the heart of the cervix, the original cervix has opened several minutes. Young madam, you are not going to shit,Magnesium Oxide price, but the baby is going to be born. Don't move or exert yourself. The cervix hasn't been fully opened yet. Liu Ma quickly covered her with a quilt and went to the living room to find her son. Hao, haven't you got through yet? The young lady is about to give birth. Liu Ma is also anxious, what is going on with this Long Yunhai. stargrace-magnesite.com