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The Secret Book of Male God's Love in Quick Wear Professional

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She did not know how long she had slept, or even that three days had passed. Chapter 4118 Light Ferry Loop, Jiusheng Nian Jun'an (53) Luo Qingchen squinted, feeling the strangeness of the place, but not the danger. Just closed space, to a certain extent, let her inexplicably depressed. It was very quiet, although all the windows were closed be should make sure that her current situation is safe. Because If someone wanted to kill her, there would be no need to go to the trouble of bringing her here and feeding her. So,fake ficus tree, what the other side wants to do seems to be to imprison her. Why keep her prisoner? Imprison her for what? For what. Luo Qingchen made a summary while eating. The most likely people to imprison her should be Du Xing and Lan Fei, because neither of them wants her to appear in front of Du Jiusheng. However, although this is a peaceful era in the 21st century, if Du Xing and Lan Fei really want to kill her. According to the current chaotic situation of the Luo family, kill it directly, and there is no need to go to so much trouble at all. After all,outdoor ficus tree, it is not difficult for some people with high status to kill a few people. Ten thousand steps back, even if her heart had thought about the agreement between repentance and star crossing. But at least, Wataru doesn't know about it yet. So, I don't think I can deal with her yet. Then the second possibility is the person who caused the bankruptcy of the Luo family. Cut the grass to uproot, whether Luo Yi or Luo Qianmu, are likely to let the Luo family rise again. The other side spent so much effort, let the Luo family go bankrupt, to this point. There was no way they could make a comeback, so they took her. Luo Qingchen shook his head as he ate the truffle foie gras. In fact, the reason is the same as the above, if the other side is trying to kill her, there is no need to go to so much trouble to lock her up. It also provides food and more important things. This lunch was so in line with her appetite. Whether it's the degree of the steak or the sauce of the foie gras. Thinking of this, Luo Qingchen slightly put down his knife and fork. The person who made the last phone call with her was Luo Qianmu, silk ficus tree ,silk ficus tree, who said that Luo Mu had committed suicide by jumping off a building. She kept recalling the tone in which Luo Qianmu spoke to her at that time. Low, cold, and even take away a trace of helpless despair. And the lunch she had just eaten was so in line with her appetite. So, so.. So is it Luo Qianmu? Why, why did her brother lock her up, why did he restrict her fre certelf out of the jaws of death, but the moment he opened his eyes, there was no her beside him. Pour the dust. What about pouring dust? Du Jiusheng clenched his teeth and used all his strength to say word by word from between his teeth: "Pour the dust.." Where "Brother!" Crossing the star poured a cup of hot water, went to his side and sat down: "Brother,outdoor ficus tree, that woman knew you were sick, but also this kind of terminal illness, naturally left.". That's the kind of person she is. You've been cheated by her before. 。 hacartificialtree.com