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Stealthily crossing Private

11 months ago Factories Sandakan   34 views

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[World] The fox wagging his tail: The fan is not interesting. Don't you think we are robbing the beauty with the guardian president when we look at Presideat and delete the number. At the beginning, he was responsible for a lot of things in the meeting. What he wanted to ask was that he had not had time to hand over the work. So,Self-closing Shower Valve, say on Q on Q, chat on QQ is really more comfortable and pleasant than chat in the game-the words in the game are too small, brush fast, very bad eyes. The QQ nickname of the Black Wing Demon is Wing Guardian, which had made Gu Qianyan titter for a long time. And Gu Qianyan himself, still with that rather ironic, "parallel imports" nickname,Flush Retrofit Kit, for a while and a half also do not want to modify. Wing Guardian 20:05:53 Are you on? Parallel imports 20:06:05 Uh …… Sure enough, it was something in those meetings. Who still owes the public funds in the association, who wants what equipment, who killed who in which association, who has not had time to compensate, and so on. Whether it is the black wing demon, or not, have praised Gu Qianyan's memory, a meeting of two or three hundred people, often online sixty or seventy people, she will all be able to remember one by one in general. Of course, there is a trick, open a word document, Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl ,stainless steel toilet, write everything up, when needed, Ctrl + F search on the OK. Many things can be solved skillfully, not because you can't remember them, but because you are willing to work hard. Gu Qianyan strong spirit, while staring at the shallow smile that is mining, waving a hoe, while replying to the message of the Black Wing Demon. The problem has been solved, but the guardian president is still wordy. Wing Guardian 10:16:26 Are you still in contact with the elite guild? Parallel 10:16:30 Uh Gu Qianyan's reply was simple, but she had a bad feeling in her heart. Wing Guardian 10:16:51 Do me a favor. I'll give you Q coins and game coins when it's done. You can choose. How about that? Sure enough. Perhaps, this is the reason why the Black Wing Demon wants the single Q to smile? So, I don't know if it's also for this that Wen Bucheng stubbornly insisted on talking to Shallow Smile before? Parallel import 20:17:01 Er. Wing Guardian 10:17:52 Don't worry, it's not a big deal. You just need to go back to the elite guild and introduce a few friends to join the guild. Parallel imports 20:17:57 Your people? Wing Guardian 10:18:25 Yes, it's time to open a public battle. Now the only city that can be occupied is in the hands of the elite. I want to protect it. Parallel 10:19:08 The elite has always been good to me, and I can't betray them. The word "betrayal" is too heavy, the responsibility to bear is too great, shallow smile self-conscious small, weak strength, back can not move. Wing Guardian 10:19:24 How is that a betrayal? They threw you out at the first time. Wing Guardian 10:19:42 Don't you know that even if I speak for you later, I'm just pretending to take the opportunity to suppress Tongxin Tang? Wing Guardian 10:20:07 There are many friends and many roads in the game. I was looking for you for this before. Even if I left, I was not a friend? Wing Guardian 10:20:16 Why not help? Parallel imports 10:20:32 No way. Sorry. Turn off the dialog box, sitting in front of the computer Gu Qianyan, feel the psychological tile cool tile cool. A sense of absurdity arises spontaneously, a game, or a retarded web keyboard game, which is more complicated than the intrigue in the Golden Bough. It's so boring. She misses more and more, when she first entered the game, she didn't know anything, and everyone looked like a good person. When Gu Qianyan missed the past, the head of the Black Wing Demon jumped desperately in the lower right corner of the screen. One side jump, one side "tick, tick, tick" to ring. Moved the mouse in the past, right menu, Gu Qianyan just want to quit QQ, but suddenly found another head like to fight with the Black Wing Demon, also jumped up. Everything is about money. The president of the Nan'an Association is a famous player and businessman in the whole district. At the beginning, Gu Qianyan used his own trumpet water elves to help him sell equipment, inadvertently met him, and then entered the Nan'an Guild, a business-oriented guild, and then became a vice guild. In the post of picking up the trumpet,push button toilet flush valve, in the Nan'an Association, only the president came forward and said a word: Only then did I find that my water elves are very business-minded, and every big guild will not let go of its financial road and support it. All about money 20:24:33. cnkexin.com