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Shangguan Dingfeng is the original gallant Private

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Danyangzi finally said no more and pulled out his sword with a sound. So in front of Chunyang Temple, Danyangzi and Sanxin Red King had their first duel. Hundreds of Taoist priests in Wudang Mountain watched the battle silently with cold sweat. At three hundred strokes,iron nail machine, Fisnan could not bear to look at it any longer. At last she jumped out and shouted: "Stop it, all of you." Strange to say, as soon as the ferocious three-hearted Red King heard these five words, he suddenly stopped. He stepped back five steps, turned his head, and the expression on his face became extremely gloomy. Danyangzi also seemed to be demented, and the familiar voice came into his ears,Nail production machine, as if he had dropped a stone in the calm ancient well, and his eyes showed a strange light. Although he is the master of Wudang and has been practicing penance for ten years, he is still flesh and blood after all. How can the past and the old friend be forgotten? All of a sudden, the front of Chunyang Temple was as quiet as if it had been frozen, and the arrogant and perverse murderous arrogance disappeared in an instant, but it was filled with silence and heaviness. When- " With a clear sound, the sword in the hands of the three-hearted Red King fell to the ground. Faith south whispered: "Go — let's go —" She turned around and went down the mountain, not daring to look back again, not daring to touch Danyangzi's eyes any more, but walking quickly down the mountain. Three hearts red king unexpectedly did not say a word, silently followed down the Wudang Mountain. Not long after, it was reported in the martial arts world that the three-hearted Red King couple fell out and separated, so Fei Sinan became the first strange woman in the martial arts world, the "worry-free queen". What about Zhuo Xiang? Zhuo Xiang became the first master of Wudang in a hundred years, wire nail machine manufacturers ,nail manufacturing machine, and the name of Danyangzi became the mainstay of Wulin orthodoxy. Soon, a mysterious monk appeared in Wulin. The mysterious monk's martial arts were rendered even higher than that of the Red King of Three Hearts. The four words "Taoist Monk Queen" appeared in the martial arts world. The eastern sky was already shining, and the barren hills and wild graves were cool like water.  rarely seen in Jianghu in his life, and his appearance was different from that of Mu. These days, walking in Jianghu has not caused any inconvenience, but the inquiry work has not been very smooth. In front of the rolling hills, the Master of Changchun came to a small mountain forest. At this time, the sun was high and the weather was hot. Although the Master of Changchun had deep internal force, he felt very hot and stuffy, so he found a deep shade of trees to rest. He had a little luck for two weeks, and his breath was calm and cool, and in the deep shade of the trees, the breeze came slowly, and he could not help breathing a long sigh. After sitting quietly for a while, my thoughts rose and fell, but I could not calm down all the time. After a while, I stood up and prepared to continue on my way. Suddenly there was a sound of footsteps outside the forest. Master Changchun was a great expert in flying skills. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he felt that his footsteps fell to the ground lightly. It was clear that he was a person with a good foundation in flying skills. Master Changchun thought silently: "Those who come must be people in the martial arts world. I am dressed as a monk, but I stay in the forest. It will arouse suspicion.." Just as he was thinking of this, the footsteps suddenly stopped, as if the man outside the forest was stopping to think about something. After a moment, the sound of footsteps rose again, and gradually came to the hiding place of Master Changchun in the forest. Master Changchun thought: "This man has made up his mind to enter the forest. I'd better avoid him." His mind was sure, his feet moved slightly, and his figure, like a swallow sweeping the waves, flashed behind a big tree embracing him. The sound of the branches scattered slightly, a figure came over, the master of Changchun hid behind the tree,Nail machine manufacturer, glanced at it, and blurted out: "My good nephew Fang." The bearer was startled when he heard the sound, and the master of Changchun came out and said to him with a smile: "How is my good nephew?" 。 3shardware.com