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Shangguan Ding Beauty Sword Hero Gallbladder Private

3 months ago Educational Business Batu Pahat   15 views

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Location: Batu Pahat
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Eighty green dwarves, Jie Jie guffaw, the body has been like flowing clouds and flowing water, each shaking according to the position of the Eight Diagrams.  By the way, if the stalemate goes on like this, it doesn't matter if the other side stands for eleven and a half years, but it is extremely disadvantageous to oneself. It's better to fight than to stand and wait to die! Thinking, it is the right palm of Gongyun, with a long roar like a dragon singing. I saw the sword like the wind, golden light rolling, when the head to the front of the dwarf attack. At this time,jacuzzi swim spa, the laughter suddenly stopped, and the other side's long sword swung up, like a turbulent wave to meet Qin Guanyu. When the green awn passed, there was a dull hum. Qin Guanyu, "pedal pedal" to retreat five or six steps, and returned to the middle, but added a sword mark on his chest, four inches long, three points deep, blood dripping straight. Qin Guanyu is really angry and suspicious. The dwarf in green snorted coldly, "It's too much for me." As soon as the voice fell, the green sword, like a rainbow, endless pool factory ,jacuzzi suppliers, went straight to Qin Guanyu. The golden light and green glow were connected, but there was a sound of "choking". Qin Guanyu's sword, just hit the other side's sword, but felt a shock all over his body, the tiger's mouth tingled, pedaling, pedaling back a few steps, back to the field. Qin Guanyu raised his sword again. The dwarf in green sneered, "Less than!"! Send you back to your hometown! Said, instead of retreating, the green sword quickly cut down from top to bottom. At this moment, the green awn, like an avalanche, gushed endlessly. At the moment of a thousand hooks, Qin Guanyu's "Tianlong Shenbu" flashed through the attack of the short man in green and turned to his back. It's out of the way! He cried out in his heart. Suddenly he jumped to his feet and quickly went out three feet. When he was about to touch the ground, his body whirled, just facing the eight people of the Eight Diagrams Array. He said in a cold voice, "Welcome to the siege together." The little man in green, who had fought with Qin Guanyu, lost his sword.  "The first wonder in the universe, Wen Qu, Wu Kui, Qin Guanyu, please!" Then, the sound of "boom" sounded, and thousands of rays of light shone from the falling hole. Qin Guanyu waited for the bluestone to fall flat before he walked past. It was still in the cave, but it was twenty feet wider than the first pass. The bluestones roared again. Qin Guanyu knew that it must be bluestone again, and the door was closed again. At that moment, he stepped forward,outdoor endless pool, turned two bends, and in the middle of the road, there was a man sitting down again. monalisa.com