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Royal pet daughter-in-law by Caitian Professional

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Lu Han said with a smile, "Your Highness must remember that there is only one perfect person in the world, and that is the emperor.". You are young now, but the emperor has. If your Highness is still perfect everywhere, how can you let the emperor deal with himself? As long as there is no loss on the festival. Besides, your Highness let the emperor find a chance to scold you and vent the depression accumulated in his heart, which will only be beneficial to you. When Xiao Shaoyu heard this thoughtfully, he nodded again set by the second prince, so he thought about sending someone to investigate and find out the evidence to bring down the second prince in one fell swoop, but he did not think that the second prince might have a series of traps waiting for him to jump in. Lu Han said: "At this time, the more low-key we are,75 smart board, the better. The more low-key we are, the more we can show our innocence." Xiao Shaoyu could not help nodding. He thought that since his father was trying to test him, he must have sent people from the East Factory and the Royal Guards to keep an eye on him, but if he did anything, he would not be able to hide it from these spies. In the end, Lu Han's action is a mature strategy to seek the country. All of a sudden, they discussed some details,smart board for conference room, and then they dispersed and took action according to their respective division of labor. Seeing that Xiao Shaoyu was in a good mood, Lu Han found an opportunity and said, "Wang Ye, my husband has made some clothes for the imperial concubine these days. I want to give them to her face to face. I wonder if I can meet her." He had just made a great contribution, and Xiao Shaoyu naturally would not even disagree with such a small request, so he asked someone to take him to the inner house to see Lu Qingying. Lu Han only sat in Lu Qingying's place for a cup of tea, and when he came out, his face was as calm as before, and he could not see any fluctuations. But soon after returning home, Feng fell ill. The illness was so fierce that it lingered on the bed for a long time. Lu Qinglan heard that after feeling strange, although the big aunt in the Lu family is not happy, but the body bone has always been good, how to say that the disease is sick? Ji Shi took her to Qingfeng Garden to visit Feng Shi. The maids welcomed the mother and daughter into the room and saw Feng lying on the Kang in snow-white clothes, interactive whiteboards in the classroom ,digital interactive whiteboard, pale and dull. The room was filled with the smell of traditional Chinese medicine. The maids came in and out, looking somewhat busy. Feng asked the two of them to sit down. "What's the matter with you, sister-in-law?" Ji asked. "Why are you so sick?" Feng sighed weakly and said, "I'm too old to be healthy.". A few days ago, I felt uncomfortable, but I thought there was nothing wrong with it. I just took a few pills as usual. I didn't expect that today's illness was getting heavier and heavier, and I couldn't get up. "People don't get sick when they eat grains," said Ji. "Sister-in-law looks for a good doctor to have a lollness, all face heavy, but Meier and other Feng's confidant servant girl, but did not show much worry look, Lu Qinglan heart more and more bottom. Lu Qinglan saw that she was still smart,smart interactive whiteboard, so she smiled and said nothing more, and took Ji's arm and walked away. Ji Shi sighed as he walked: "It is said that the royal family is rich and powerful, but it is as deep as the sea when you enter the palace gate.". Look at your eldest aunt and your eldest sister. They can't see each other several times a year. It's really pitiful. Lu Qinglan pursed her lips and smiled: "That mother must not marry me to the royal family." 。 hsdsmartboard.com