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Reborn concubine of a noble family by Panax Professional

10 months ago Others Sarikei   34 views

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Gu Jiuxi sent two people out came back and looked at the already sleeping daughter thought to catch up with such a time but no one can remember her this is too luxurious half of the capital to congratulate her on the hundred-day banquet It's just that the prince died without warning Gu Jiuxi hurriedly called Mrs Wei to ask "did the general say anything before he left" Mrs Wei shook her head and said "The general is in front of the guests I didn't see him either It was a boy who came back with a message" Gu Jiuxi thought that since Mrs Wei had said this the boy was not the one she used to use He must have been in a hurry to ays and remove the things that can be removed from the eastern courtyard And the maids and boys all put on a steady color and if their clothes are not enough by the way they can simply do two more Wei woman promised one by one Gu Jiuxi thought that there was nothing else to do for the time being and then let her out she still had something to do Today although the Home & Garden hundred-day banquet was not held the gifts were all received and I had to write a reply to thank them one by one I'm afraid the general doesn't have much time It has to fall on her head In the afternoon the notice in the palace came out The same did not say what the prince died for but arranged for the burial of the prince and said for example how many days the meritorious family can not marry how many days can not hold a banquet and so on Gu Jiuxi looked one by one and then thought that his command was still appropriate so he put the matter aside Although the outside is not flat wave after wave the family's life is still to live the daughter is only more than three months but also carefully look after But the prince died at the right time Gu Jiuxi couldn't help but think his death the capital chaos especially the meritorious nobles and dignitaries by the biggest impact Lady Meng heart miss her two grandchildren afraid is not on the genealogy for a while and a half Meng Desheng was busy for three days and then stopped going out He said to Gu Jiuxi "It's almost time The prince just died I'd better stay at home these days Don't get into the emperor's eyes again" Gu Jiuxi felt that this was the reason and went to restrain people from making trouble The prince stayed in the palace for twenty-seven and fourteen days On the day of the funeral Meng Desheng also went to attend the funeral When he came back he said to Gu Jiuxi with a sigh "Your Majesty has lost two circles of weight His eyes are all black and blue He must have been very sad" Gu Jiuxi paused "the son who has been raised for thirty years or the eldest son or the prince" "I heard that since the prince had gone China Factory the empress had been lying in bed without getting up On the day of the funeral she was helped by two ladies of the court to show her face and was carried back" Meng Desheng frowned "I took a distant look it seems that there is no way to go by myself" Gu Jiuxi vaguely remembered the queen she had seen when she entered the palace in her previous life She was skinny but she was in good spirits Her eyes were bright even in the daytime not to mention at night It's a good thing you're not in the court now "Gu Jiuxi sighed" I always feel that your Majesty's temper may have been on you " Meng Desheng nodded "the official of the Ministry of Ri stand someone to poke you up" Meng Desheng laughed twice and narrowed his eyes "Someone has to dare!" This said heroic let Gu Jiuxi can not help but yearn for this is the general of indomitable spirit can guard all the general Meng Desheng took a sip of tea and said "When the prince was buried I saw that the prince's brothers were beginning to be restless The prince's body was not yet cold"! I will also go to tell my grandmother that I must not be involved with the Health & Medical princes otherwise it will not be fun to bump into your Majesty's hands Gu Jiuxi naturally also understands this truth now involved in the struggle for the throne mustbut Gu Jiuxi's heart was pounding This is different from the general who knew that the three princes had become the emperor and Meng Desheng had become an official in his previous life She is going to accompany the general to the end of this road in her life Gu Jiuxi sat silently for a while thinking of several princes in his memory The emperor nurtured a total of only six princes not many for the average big family let alone the emperor with three thousand Fandai trade-global.com