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Pick up a Piao (Wang Ye's Piao loves to climb the bed) Private

5 months ago Restaurants Sarikei   17 views

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Location: Sarikei
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A La wriggled anxiously to express her admiration for Feng yuan Xi. The little girl did not care that she was on horseback and was about to turn around in a hurry. particularly brilliant, not outstanding facial features seem to be gorgeous up. There's a sound. A pulled up his head, which was leaning on the chest of Fengyuan River,aluminium coated steel tube, and pricked up his ears. It was very pleasant to hear, as if it were the sound of water. Feng yuanxi dismounted without words, holding a pull in one hand and lazily holding the reins in the other. Abandoned the road and walked away. Turning a corner, a lake of clear water appeared in front of us, and the sound of tinkling was the mountains and rivers flowing down from the mountains, forming a small stream into the lake. The two of them walked along the clear stream, and the little girl was obviously ready to play and began to bounce along. The afternoon sun was a little hot, but fortunately the willow branches by the lake grew very thick,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, which blocked them better. Fengyuanxi tied the horse to the tree trunk, pulled the man to sit on the grass by the lake, then folded his hands behind his head and lay down straight, closed his eyes and rested. The head is just under the shade of the willow tree, but it can be warmed by the sun along the lower abdomen. A pulled the distress to follow to lie down, the head gathers in above him. As a prince, isn't it a little indecent to lie on the ground like this? A pulled the body to his side, now close to the lake, the sound of water into the ear more beautiful, the little stream falling from the mountain stream seems to be hit in the heart, the heart was hooked straight itch. She wanted to play in the water, and as soon as the idea came out, the little girl's buttocks were restless. Stealthily open an eye, see yuan Xi still closed eyes, tiptoe up, side impact beams ,cold drawn tubes, tiptoe to the lake. Watching the lake getting closer and closer, the little girl looked back and covered her mouth with a titter, but she was not found. But do not know Feng yuanxi mouth raised a curved arc, his original intention is to bring her here to relax, now like a thief. A pull alone to touch the lake, take off embroidered shoes, and then slowly take off socks on the lawn. He stood up barefoot, lifted his skirt and tied a knot around his waist. The trouser legs inside were rolled up, revealing a pair of tena smile to dry the water stains on it and put it on the grass. Moments later, there were stones in twos and threes everywhere she passed, but she was still having a lot of fun like a treasure hunter. Haven't you had enough? The man's gentle voice, with a smile, came from the shore and interrupted her treasure hunt. I don't know when Fengyuanxi got up and stood on the shore just a few steps away from her. She was playing with a stone she had just found, and the shallow lines on it looked like a bird. As soon as she looked back, she saw a smile in his eyes, and his clothes moved slightly with the wind, reflecting the beautiful landscape behind him, as if he were an immortal standing near the water. For a moment, he only looked at it greedily, forgetting whether he would be scolded if he went into the water secretly. She had been playing with her for a long time after she had haggled over it. Feng yuanxi gazed at his naked legs under the water, then went to the water's edge and reached out to pick him up and put him on the lawn. He took the veil from her hand and touched it, and it was soaked through. Feng yuanxi could not help frowning and said in the direction he had come, "Bring the carriage here." "Yes." Looking curiously, she saw several guards standing beside the willow tree, one of whom had been ordered to leave. Suddenly there was a gust of wind blowing, and she could not help but shiver, and her wet calf became colder and colder against the wind. Cold? Feng yuanxi squatted and hugged the man into his arms. Very cold Ara answered honestly, rubbing his head against yuanxi's chest. Although she may be forbidden to play in the water in the future because of this,Cold Drawn Tubes, she likes to be taken care of by yuanxi, which shows that he cares about her. Even if this is not allowed and that is not allowed, it is still great. cbiesautomotive.com