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Memoirs of Li Ao Private

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…… Around 5:50, the second sub-bureau sent Lou (Shandong people, Jidong Penglai, later found out the name Lou Zhenyue) to lead four big men (later learned that one  content). The city police department also sent Huang (a Fujian native who knew Bo Yang and was in charge of banning books and periodicals) to come, and the red police car came three times to take away the "Monkey King and Me" that had already got on the car,plastic laminted tube, the bound and unbound, the inside and outside covers that had not been stacked, and so on. It also took away all the unbound, inside and outside covers, and posters of "The Crow Cry Again.". Because the police car was too slow, the chief of the branch ordered to hire a cart. When Zhang and Zuo both left, Ao and Pingjing dealt with them. Ao told Pingjing to go out once. At eight o'clock, Zheng ordered three police officers to continue searching the factory and asked Ao Zhi to go to the police station to talk. Ao said, "My friend Mr. Chen still has to attend class. Can he go back first?" Zheng is not allowed to go to the second branch office. I ate four dishes and two soups at nine o'clock. The deputy chief of the city police department came and only showed up. Director Zheng introduced,plastic packaging tube, "This is Mr. Li," and said hello to Ao, who was eating. Spin from Lou Xun Ao, to twelve o'clock ten. Zheng talked with the deputy chief of the city police department behind closed doors in the sub-chief's office. The owner of the factory, Lin, came with three police officers at eleven o'clock, holding the remaining books and paper in his hands, and had a secret talk in the station chief's office. Mrs. Lin came with the baby in her arms. Ao Zhi said, "I won't leave until your husband comes out. Please rest assured." (Lin left the station at twelve o'clock.). I left the Second Precinct at 12:20 and arrived home, exhausted! The next day, the bookbinding factory was heavily guarded on all sides, and there were two plainclothes men on the opposite side, who were supposed to be the political workers of the garrison headquarters. Declaring that nothing was to be taken away, the forester begged us to leave, and we realized that the books banned were not limited to those of yesterday. In the evening, people behind the scenes were exposed, and two people, including Lieutenant Colonel Li of the General Political Department of the Police, plastic laminated tube ,custom cosmetic packing, came forward and invited me to talk. Lieutenant Colonel Li is Li Guojin, who shakes hands like a paralyzed patient, whose hands are as soft as cotton, who does not need any strength, and whose face is full of political work, which makes people know themselves first. He informed me that in "Li Ao's Ten Books on Farewell to the Literary World", there are "Crow Calls Again", "Gender Issues and Others", "Letters Written by Li Ao", "Love Letters" and "Sun Wukong and Me". All six books, including "Don't Bark," were banned, and "Mom can't Leave You," "Re-Whitening Under Tradition," "Diary a in the Late College Period," and "Diary B in the Late College Period" could be puby spent 200 yuan to make an appointment that year, and they were very embarrassed to accept my books endlessly. So they gave them away for a while, and no one cared. I "read ten thousand volumes", and I have never seen such a "benevolent rule" of the Kuomintang in the bookbinding factory at all times and in all over the world. In general, there are two ways for the authorities to interfere with the freedom of opinion: one is the preventive system, which includes (1) the inspection system and (2) the permission system. (3) Margin system and (4) Reporting system. The other is the punishment system. According to the law enacted by the Kuomintang, the publication of newspapers and magazines should adopt the permission system in the pr fees? But this is precisely the role of the KMT in being vicious and punishing people! It means that after you have cooked the rice, it will cause you losses and put you in a dilemma. Not only will you not be able to get money from the sale, but you will have to pay for the printing house and the paper shop! On the contrary, we have to compensate the readers for the money they have booked! May I ask how many people with lofty ideals who fight for freedom of speech can stand such losses caused again and again? The KMT rule is indeed a "democratic Taiwan" with "freedom of speech"! They never give up free speech, but they can make you give up free speech! They never practice the autocratic pre-trial system,tube lip gloss, but you can learn that they practice the "pre-robbery system". How troublesome is the pre-trial system! How undemocratic! Trial is not trial, so "people do not know" to stab people in the back, and many "banned books are like grass without hearing"! How wonderful it is!. emptycosmetictubes.com