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Master Guoshi's Rebirth Daily Private

7 months ago Educational Business Sandakan   12 views

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"Whoa ~" Jia Ke and others on one side saw these things and twitched physiologically in their abdomen. Jiang Yizhi motioned to Jia Rong to help Jia Ke over. Jiahe seeds it produces. The seeds of returning grass need to be cultivated by the body of the living for the soil, relying on the vitality of the living to germinate and mature. It is said that returning grass has the effect of curing the dead and living bones. In fact, to put it bluntly, to return grass is to transfer the vitality of a living person to a person who is about to die in vain. Of course, grass, like other life-saving drugs, is only effective for such people, but not for those who are about to live. Meow, meow, meow- "the black cat immediately nodded.". When he returned that night, two of his six children had died,artificial plant wall panels, leaving four dying, and it was not easy for him to catch the last breath of the four children. In order to save the children's lives, he gritted his teeth, took out the seeds of the grass he had managed to get before, and secretly fed them to these vicious guys. Just wait to use their anger to cultivate the grass, and as soon as the grass is ripe, it will dig it out of the stomach of Jaco and others, feed it to its children,artificial grass panels, and its children will recover immediately. But what he didn't expect was that when the grass was half cultivated in the belly of these scum, their leaves all grew a kind of larvae that the black cat didn't know, and these larvae began to devour the grass as soon as they grew up. It immediately panicked, if the grass was swallowed by these insects, how could it save its children? It is in a hurry round and round, do not know how, suddenly remembered that it used to hide behind the human windowsill to watch TV series, as if it had seen some people will use poisonous insects to cultivate insects. It also has no way, and I just want to try it. Unexpectedly, by mistake, the insects shifted their targets and turned to devour the poisonous insects they fed to these scum. Jiang Yi held his breath and let go of his hand, and Jia Ke's stomach suddenly became flat again. Chapter 73 Holding his breath, Jia Rong's palms were covered with sweat. "Jiang Shao, this, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,large palm trees for sale, this.." he said nervously. Holding the black cat in his arms, Jiang Yizhi stood up and gave the plastic bottle in his hand to Jia Ke, saying, "Feed these to them." "Whatusly at Jiang Yizhi. About ten minutes later, Jiang Yizhi still maintained the posture of looking at Ji, Jiang Yi suddenly appeared on his hand with an exquisite green grass. Jiang Yizhi's right hand turned over the leaves on the green grass, and sure enough, a black insect slipped down from the top. The bug struggled desperately in Jiang Yizhi's hand, stretching out two sharp teeth, as if the next moment it would bite through Jiang Yizhi's palm,silk cherry blossom tree, and then get into his flesh and blood. Jiang Yizhi moved even faster. He turned over his hand, lifted the lid of the tea, and flicked the bug into the teacup. hacartificialtree.com