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Legend of the ring Professional

3 months ago Others Sabak Bernam   4 views

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Good ears are convenient, Wang Tian luck through the ears, not only to hear what Spen said outside clearly, the conversation inside the spacecraft is not missing a wou know?"? Our family came here to find grandpa. Before the accident, we saw him for the last time. How can I say that our whole family was killed, but Grandpa did not come to look for him. It turned out that Grandpa was no longer there. Baku was a little sad, too many blows had numbed him, but he gritted his teeth tightly. The last time I came here,touch screen kiosk, I heard my grandfather say that his experiment was going to be successful and that he could apply for a patent in less than a year. At that time, he would buy a beautiful planet with our family and live with us. Unexpectedly, our whole family should end up like this, which is really unexpected. "Don't be sad. The people who killed your grandfather didn't come to a good end. Well, they were all killed by Spen." Wang Tian patted Baku on the shoulder and comforted him by saying, "It's an indirect revenge for your grandfather." "Ah Jiu, you can't let Spen take that disk out.". What he said is true. If you give it to a big organization, you can definitely get more than a dozen planets, and even someone will give him hundreds. This technology is too important. When Baku heard Spen's name,temperature scanning kiosks, he said in a reflexive hurry. Wang Tian, of course, did not want to let Spen slip out of the planet, the spaceship is also his own hope, apart from this, if let him increase his power, it will be more difficult to revenge in the future, Ina's blood feud is not reported, sleep is not stable. At first, he thought he had only one gun, thinking that after finding out the situation, he could kill them cleanly with a sword. Now see, in addition to Spen's broadsword, crossbow, he has five pikes, six pistols, temperature screening kiosk ,interactive whiteboard prices, twenty individual guns, this is not necessarily all the strength, which makes Wang Tian also some helpless. Baku came down. He also knew that the present Spen is not a nine person can solve, that kind of magical mental method again formidable, also will not be the high tech match. Oneself, also at most deal with one or two slave soldiers, and Spen's elite soldiers one-on-one, the odds are not very good. The resentment of not being able to take revenge made his hands and feet cold: "No matter, fight one bit, Ah Jiu! After the first Founding Convention, Spen and several high-spirited founding fathers came out and motioned to Corker to put away the spaceship. Gathering the troops, Spen shouted to the thousands of men standing in front of him, "I, Spen, keep my word. My brothers have followed me through life and death. Some have followed me before I was in trouble, and some have followed me here. No matter when, as long as you are loyal to me, I will not treat you badly.". After going out, each person will be given a million yuan as pocket money. As soon as the words fell, everyone cheered. After going out, I have something to eat,temperature check kiosk, we will never be hungry, we share the joys and sorrows, together in this troubled times to have a good time. 。 hsdtouch.com