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Go back in time and become a parrot. Professional

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The snow leopard got free, stood up, looked up at the orange and the tiger, and limped dejectedly to the beauty. You don't have to be angry. There  opened her mouth with a smile. You just gave us something so important? The tiger couldn't believe it. Well, there is indeed an additional requirement. You can consider it. It's best if you are willing. If you are not willing, I will not force it, and it will not affect my previous commitment. The beauty gave a gentle hum and said again. What are the requirements? The tiger blurted out. Have you both received a short period of special training from an animal trainer? Beauty does not answer rhetorical questions. The tiger and the orange did not utter a word, nor did they have any special reaction. With the fighting power and spirituality of the snow leopard, it was obvious that they were also specially trained pets. That is to say, the beauty in front of them was a professional pet trainer. Since she is a pet trainer, it is normal for her to see that she has been specially trained. If you don't say anything, I will take it as your acquiescence. I am also a pet trainer, and I am still in the top five in this industry. My snow leopard is just a very ordinary leopard cat. After two years of training, I have achieved the present results. "With your talent, if you are willing to follow me and accept my training for a year and a half, you will be able to be reborn and qualify for the top pet competition in two years, and you are likely to get a good place. How about it? Would you like to consider following me?" The beauty asked with a smile. I'm sorry. Now that you have seen that we are trained pets,grey marble slab, you should know that we have a master. Since you have learned from the master, how can you go to another school on the way? We appreciate your kindness. The tiger glanced at her, then looked at the orange, shook his head and refused the olive branch extended by the beauty. Well, in that case, I won't force you to take these materials. The beauty spread out her hands without any sense of embarrassment. Kui Hu and Feng Ju took one look and hesitated for a moment. Seeing this, the beauty raised her eyebrows and said softly,Marble Granite Price, "Why, I was so brave just now, but now I don't have the courage to connect the information." Seeing this, the tiger bit his teeth and walked over. It was a knife to stretch out his head, and it was also a knife to shrink his head. They were standing here now, and they could not solve the problem by being timid. Fengju did not move, but stood on guard. The tiger walked to the beauty's side, the beauty handed over the big envelope in her hand, the tiger opened his mouth to catch it, and prepared to retreat. Just then, the beauty on the bed moved, and the tiger only had time to see a delicate finger knocking at his head like a phantom. It wants to flash, want to avoid, but any movement did not have time to do, Carrara Marble Slab ,white marble mosaic, then feel a pain in the head, a black eyes, soft fell down. Before falling down, the tiger looked at the beauty angrily and accused her of dishonesty with his eyes. What a silly parrot. I only said I would give you the evidence, but I didn't say I wouldn't do it. So, ah, the information is given to you. Whether you can take it and leave depends on your ability. Before losing consciousness completely, the tiger vaguely heard such a sentence from the mouth of the beauty. Chapter 210 210, legendary pet trainer. The tiger did not know how long he had been dizzy. When he woke up, he found himself lying on the familiar bed, looking at the familiar sheets and quilts in front of him, aan be described as mixed feelings, two small action together, it found that in the matter of doing detective, he is not a little bit worse than Fengju. When fighting with the snow leopard,Porcelain Marble Slabs, it was also Fengju who carried the big head. Without it in front of him, the tiger alone was really no match for the leopard cat. Did you get the evidence back, too? What exactly is going on? Are you supposed to answer my questions now? The tiger looked at Fengju in a daze for a while and then turned his eyes to Wu Xin. Aren't you hungry after sleeping for so long? Why don't you eat something first and I'll tell you more after that? Wu Xin rolled her eyes and laughed. forustone.com