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Full Moon Scimitar Professional

3 months ago Others Sandakan   21 views

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Location: Sandakan
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Especially when she was dressed in a white veil and looked so pure and flawless, she was simply a God and a goddess. There is no distinction between male and female gods, although there are also differences between male and female gods, but whetas shining with a holy light, which made people dare not look at her. The Golden Lion only looked at it for the first time, and his heart was filled with piety, which made him willing to give everything and become a sacrifice before God. Xie Xiaoyu smiled, "Uncle Jin, please sit down." The Golden Lion did not sit down, but knelt down. Xie Xiaoyu did not look back, the golden lion saw only the shadow in the mirror, but the innocent smile, the innocent voice, so that his whole person into a state of emptiness. Hsieh Hsiao-yu did not know that he had knelt down and asked with a smile,digital whiteboard price, "Uncle Golden Lion, have you made contact?" "Yes, I have. The palace master will summon me before sunrise tomorrow." "She will see me?" "I refused, but then I heard the old slave say that the situation was urgent, so I agreed again." "Why did Niang hide in this barren mountain?" "To be quiet, to be far away from the world." "It's not quiet here, especially when she's done all those fantastic things. How can it be quiet?" "The official entrusted the name of the God of miasma,outdoor digital signage displays, but it frightened people. No one dared to die. It was a God that everyone kept at a respectful distance." "It's just to frighten the countrymen. If a person has practiced martial arts, he won't believe that kind of legend. Instead, he will come to find out." "There have been many such people in the past few years, but they have all been infected with the miasma, and no one has gone to die before the valley of corpses." Hsieh Hsiao-yu said with a smile, "Those are just ordinary people. What about the real masters? That kind of miasma can't coax people, can it?" "The master of the palace is at peace with the world here, and the real master will not come to disturb him." "Is it?"? Fortunately, she didn't meet Ding Peng, who was very curious. The Golden Lion did not know how to answer, so he kept silent. Hsieh Hsiao-yu looked back and saw that the golden lion was half short. She was surprised and said, "Uncle Kim, what are you doing?"? Get up quickly. "The old slave didn't dare to read it when he saw the solemn appearance of the young palace master." "Oh?"? Do I have that much magic? How could you, the elder of the Demon Sect, digital signage kiosk ,face recognition identification, throw yourself into the ground? Yes, it is no longer magic, but a kind of divine power. The holy and awe-inspiring appearance of Shaoguan Lord is enough to make anyone bend his knees. "Does it include women?" "According to the old slave, men and women, old and young, will be the same." "So I'm supposed to show up like this?" Yes, it's a pity that the old slave hasn't seen it before. If such a face appears in the world, the world is already under control. Hsieh Hsiao-yu smiled and said, "I knew that a long time ago." "Oh?"? How did the young palace master find out? "When Ithing, but today the Golden Lion Elder said this again, and the effect was unexpected to him. Xie Xiaoyu is no longer a child, not as easy to coax as before, she has her own love, hate, joy and anger, and because his life is thousands of times more complicated than others, so the feeling is naturally thousands of times deeper. When the Golden Lion said this platitude, he did not believe it, nor did he expect Xie Xiaoyu to believe it. He just said what he had to say when he had to. But Xie Xiaoyu's eyes suddenly showed a different color, just like a child who suddenly got something she had been longing for for a long time. Am I really different from ordinary people? "Yes,face recognition identification kiosk, the young master of the palace is born with extraordinary talents, which is beyond the reach of ordinary people." "Born with a gift. What kind of gift?" The Golden Lion was stunned. He just said something casually, not intentionally perfunctory. Xie Xiaoyu was very special when she was young. But this kind of special is hard to say to people. hsdtouch.com