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Flowers travel all over the world Professional

3 months ago Trading Companies Sabak Bernam   10 views

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"Your Highness, please be considerate of the pains of the emperor and the imperial concubine." Commander Li spoke slowly and finally raised his head. He had eagle-sharp eyes, which were turning to the little tears. Small tears hit a shiver, subconsciorse behind Commander Li. The horse was obviously familiar with no way, and when he saw noway coming, he rubbed against no way and snorted. That is the meaning of the father, your Highness should be respected. "No, he spoke slowly, as if he were talking to himself, as if he were explaining to the people present." No way You left wow "small tears do not know where, wow a cry,artificial coconut palm trees, look at the eyes can not.". No, as if he had never known her before, he turned over and got on the horse with an expressionless face, grasped the reins skillfully, and the pony made a long sound. Your Highness, will you take this little girl back to the palace? If your Highness likes it, she can be a maid of honor. Commander Li said with a smile on his lips. No, his face stiffened and he blurted out almost without thinking: "No!" "Oh?"? According to the observation at the end,decorative palm trees, your Highness should be very used to her service. There is something in Commander Li's words. Unbridled! No, he flatly refused in a loud voice: "Have you forgotten the rules in the palace? This little girl is just a stranger whom Your Highness knows by chance. Moreover, she has a low status. She is just a little beggar. How can she deserve to serve Your Highness in the palace? What a joke!" No, the tone is very firm, but never look at small tears. When the little teardrop heard the words "humble little beggar", her heart was cold, she looked at him in disbelief, murmured his name, and the tears in her eyes were no longer broken. That being the case, the end will be obeyed. There are indeed too many rules in the palace. Thank you for your teachings. Commander Li stood up with a smile and got on the horse. Why don't you go? At last, with a tremor in his voice, he pulled the reins and rode to the front of the team. No way Although the little tearful flower was angry in her heart, she could not help shouting out when she saw that she could not go, but only called his name and could not speak. You go where you have to go. No, faux ficus tree ,large artificial blossom trees, still not looking at the small tears, just said coldly, then pulled the reins, the horse was human, but also hesitated to take a few steps forward. Your Highness, do you need more time? Commander Li sniggered. No, he gritted his teeth and took one look at Commander Li. He smiled and said, "I forgot if you didn't tell me." Then he rode close to the carriage of Little Tears. Little Tears looked at him in astonishment. He was very close to her, only separated by a layer of tears. Account book! No, I said coldly. The little teardrop wiped away her tears and whispered, "No." "Give me." "No!" The small tear flower suddenly raised the tone of voice, stubbornly looked at no, the hand covered the chest. A group of guards laughed a little louder. No, he frowned, stretched out and pulled away the hand of the little tearful flower, and quickly took out the small account book from her arms. No way The little teardrop didn't expect that she would use e with three big characters on it, which is the famous scenic spot of Little Chrysanthemum N Day Tour. Hongxiuzhao opposite that business is not bad hundred blue floor, is small tears and not run away hand in hand that famous scenic spot. The owners of these two scenic spots now have a common characteristic, when they meet small dolls, especially female dolls, they usually look at them more. A hundred blue buildings usually open in the morning, and tea is usually open in the afternoon. This afternoon, the fog purple just half squint sleep hazy eyes opened the door of the red sleeve,fake blossom tree, at a glance to see the door hanging a green thing, polish your eyes to see again, the original is a bundle of fresh green onions!. hacartificialtree.com