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Family is neither the wife nor the pet Private

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 overjoyed and knelt down and said, "Your Majesty, please punish Yongningbo. He.." "Shut up." The Minister of Rites directly kicked the man in the back, kicked him down, and then knelt down and said, "Your Majesty,Time Delay Tap, don't listen to the nonsense of the villains. Yongning Bo is just worried about the people in Shu." The minister of the Ministry of Rites was an old minister of two Dynasties. He had already retired several times, but Emperor Cheng didn't allow him to show his respect for the late emperor and ms have been left on the battlefield and can not be recovered. The tombs of clothes and crowns.." Your Majesty, are you going to chill the hearts of the people of the world? Although the king of Rui was the brother of Emperor Cheng, he didn't do anything, so he was blamed. Few people came out to reason for him. What's more, they all knew that Emperor Cheng wouldn't kill him. When Chu Xiuming stood up,Self-closing Faucet, they remembered that Chu Xiuming was the son-in-law of the king of Rui. If he didn't stand up, he would be despised by many people. Chu Xiuming knelt down and said, "I dare not." Rui Wang looked up at Cheng Di, no ability, no ability is the reason why he survived, and now it has become the reason why he was convicted, Rui Wang knew in his heart that Cheng Di did not want to sin himself, so he had to find someone to come out to top the jar, it happened to be his birthday, even if he did not recognize it, I am afraid it will be later.. Can't involve Ruiwangfu, can't involve Chu Xiuming, as long as Chu Xiuming is the son-in-law of Ruiwangfu, others dare not neglect the family in the mansion, and Chengdi will not take his brother's life, but also keep him to show mercy, Ruiwang gritted his teeth and bowed his head and said, "Your Majesty, stainless steel shower tray ,Flushometer valve, I am guilty." Confess at this time, is to give Cheng Di a step, Cheng Di heart a loose, but more alert to Chu Xiuming, he never thought there were so many people would come out to of the earthquake was caused by King Rui. The reputation of King Rui's mansion was at a low ebb for a time. Even the people whose families were on duty in King Rui's mansion were beaten by many angry people. In the Buddhist hall in the palace, the empress Dowager listened to the maid's words and said, "Go out." Her face was calm and she said nothing more. The maid of honor retreated, and Mammy, who had been accompanying the empress Dowager, said, "the empress Dowager.." The beads in the hands of the empress Dowager were torn off, "it's all  looked at Concubine Chen and said, "Sister Chen, you take care of Li Shi,Service Sink Faucets, I'm going to pack up my things. Xuaner, you'll send it to Wang Ye later. I asked someone to pack up some food. Xier, you take the guards in the mansion to your third sister's house. Don't be impatient and don't come to the mansion. Wait for your third brother-in-law to come back and then go home. Take Shen Rong's brother and sister to my room and let the maid woman watch it." But don't let them walk around and hurt themselves. 。 cnkexin.com