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Emperor of Sword and Emperor of Sword Private

11 months ago Restaurants Sarikei   36 views

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Zhu Xu and Yao Ming were a little puzzled. They said, "What the hell? When we approached, we saw a pair of strange eyes smiling at us. Then we were in a daze. all had something to do, but Zhu and Yao still went to look for the other five friends, while Jian Di, Dao Huang and Dionysus went to Wudang first! Lanlong didn't want to go to Wudang Sect, and it was not easy to seize the boundless mental method. He wanted to try not to help Wudang defend the mountain,needle valve manufacturer, nor to let outsiders attack Tianzhu Peak. The purpose was to act according to the opportunity, and he was determined to seize the opportunity when the situation was chaotic. Mount Wudang covers a vast area and has a total of 72 peaks. Tianzhu Peak is the highest peak among the 72 peaks. The important place of Wudang Sect is in the north of Tianzhu Peak Factory. The sect has designated Tianzhu Peak as a forbidden zone for generations. Pilgrims or tourists are not allowed to bring swords to the peak. Offenders are regarded as enemies. Blue Dragon had breakfast, he led everyone around the seventy-two peaks to observe, for more than ten days in a row to pay attention to the movement, found that every valley has the world's martial arts in the meantime, but there is no conflict, all appear as tourists, but he did not see his enemies. At noon,38 tube fitting, the blue dragon saw a very deep valley, surrounded by cliffs, the valley is not big, less than half a mile around, but the valley is small for towering ancient trees, craggy rocks, only the middle area has a flat flat! Less than an acre in size, he had a brainwave and brought everyone into the valley. "We'll stay here," he said to everyone. Chang Sheng asked, "How can I live without a house?" "Cut the wood and erect the frame to build a thatched cottage," said the Blue Dragon. "How long will that take?" Asked Yin Zhong. "Under us," said the Blue Dragon, "it will be done tomorrow afternoon." "Why do you want to live here?" Asked Ma Chong. Blue Dragon said, "The matter of Wudang Mountain is by no means a short time. I'm going to set up a trap here to catch giant beasts. I can also take the opportunity to practice martial arts when I ask." "Then we have to prepare food!" Said Luo Zhong. "Hit more wild animals," said the Blue Dragon. "Fill them with drinking water. Let's divide the work." "Sister Feng and I are in charge of the food, hydraulic fitting manufacturer ,12 needle valve," said Yin Hong. "Well," said the Blue Dragon, "don't go out of the valley. The four brothers will build a house, but be careful. They won't build one room, nor will they build together. I'll draw a picture, and the four brothers will build it according to my figure." He drew a blueprint in the open space, which was divided into five directions, and the situation was like a plum blossom. After drawing, he called Luo, Ma, Yin, and Chang to him and said, "The one in the middle is for me, and the four seats on the four sides are for the four elder brothers. Sister Hong and Feng'er will build a single room in front of where I live. The house should be as wide as before. Secondly, there should be doors and windows on all sides.". ” Yin Zhong said, "Why do you draw so many circles around the outside and inside of this main house?" "After the house is built," said the B"Just remember!" Yin Hong waved to Bai Feng and said, "Is it really so strange? Let's go and have a look." Chang Sheng said with a smile, "Look at me. If I can't find a way out, I'll cut down all the trees with my sword." The Blue Dragon laughed and said, "If you can cut it,brass tube fitting, so can others. Those two men have done their best. They can't even touch a leaf."? If they know how fierce it is, sit down and don't move. If they do that, they will lose their strength! "Can a tree avoid a sword?" Ma Chong asked in horror. 。 chinaroke.com