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Doomsday Girl Becomes a Watch Girl Private

4 months ago Educational Business Bandar Labuan   28 views

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Had it not been for Mai Jiakang's trust in He Yuzhu, he would have begun to struggle long ago, and because his trust in He Yuzhu was not broken, the ginkgo stem and leaf marks were successfully connected to his right eye pupil, which produced a strange magnetic field, which made the full moon concentrate into a beam of light and envelop them.   Among them, the daughter of Xing Er married a high official surnamed Feng. After giving birth to children, the daughter inherited the magical power of Princess Xing Er Kongyue, while the son inherited the power of his father. This is the end of the story. Then the next is the ability of Princess Kongyue's magical power, the method of cultivation, and so on,Surveyors tape measure, but in this part, most of him can't see or hear clearly, and the last part he can write down is the female descendants of Princess Kongyue's thin blood, who occasionally awaken a kind of blood magical power called the pupil of Kongyue. However, as the blood of Princess Empty Moon is getting thinner and thinner, the blood that can awaken is getting less and less, and even if awakened, the power that can be mastered is getting weaker and weaker. When the last awakened person left her inheritance, she could only open the space door to the underworld. Because the underworld is the most powerful world of Taiyin, so opening the door of the underworld is the basic ability of every awakened person of the pupil of the empty moon after awakening, Diameter tape measure ,Fiberglass tape measure, but it is not beneficial or harmful to people, strangers break into it, no matter how born, they will wash away their memories before they can be sent back, and they will go in vain, so this space door opens, for awakened people, like chicken ribs. It doesn't help at all.  However, He Yuzhu, who has had an experience, sees two people with weapons aimed at her. It seems that she doesn't want to get the answer and is about to attack. She thinks about what she just saw at a glance. He immediately copied out a big bag of rice, a pile of feather clothes, and a thick quilt. They were so natural that he could not see the slightest lie. He said, "I'm sorry to bother you. We are traveling merchants, and we just came to you. Do you want to buy something?"? You can fill your stomach with food and warm clothes. Hide and leave the boundary "Traveling merchants?" Hearing He Yuzhu speaking in a strange tone, although the pronunciation was strange,tape measure clip, they could understand the words. The people in the stone house could not help looking at each other, and looked doubtfully at He Yuzhu, who suddenly had a pile of things around him. tapemeasure.net