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Batian 1 Professional

3 months ago Others Sandakan   13 views

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Location: Sandakan
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Strong man a hearty smile, in the face of the momentum of a sharp knife, he is unperturbed, the left hand of the mountain axe up a block at will, just hold a knife from the top, but at the same time, but because of this knife force is fierce, the arm slightly sank a lot, almost to the shoulder. His face changed slightly, and at the same time, the yelloe knife with both hands, and suddenly chopped down. Suddenly, I saw a two or three Zhangs long blue knife shadow appeared on the blade, although the distance is not close, but no one will doubt the consequences of being split by this knife shadow. That's a knife that can even split a stone into pieces! Where the huge shadow of the knife passed,4k smart board, it set off a strong wind and huge waves in the air. Strong wind, flying sand and stones, even give people a feeling of changing the weather. However, in the wind, a blue knife shadow, which is completely gathered by the energy of the wind attribute, is so bright. It was like a vicious tiger, ferociously pounced on the strong body of the big fellow below. And the big fellow in the shadow of the knife,smartboards for business, show is so small. The shadow of the knife is about to split down at the same time, the thin middle-aged man who was standing next to the strong man is already a flying sweep, flying sweep at the same time, and raised his hand to send out a few silver rays to hit Lin Guangliang. Silver light across the air, brought up a few tiny broken wind, the speed is also very fast, a blink of an eye has reached the front of Lin Guangliang. Lin Guangliang, who had been on guard against the surroundings, naturally responded accordingly while the thin man attacked. The pike in his hand was like a snake coming out of its hole, and a few quick clicks knocked down a few silver lights, and then a kite turned over and dodged another round of attacks from the thin man. Just listen to the sound of Tintin, the silver light that was shot down on the ground fell to the ground. It turned out to be several silver steel needles that were twice as long and twice as thick as ordinary embroidery needles. However, above the long silver needle, there was a cold breath coming out, and after a while, there was a mist coming out, interactive whiteboard for schools ,65 inch smart board, and a thin layer of ice was shrouded on it. However, when Lin Guangliang turned over and landed, looking intently at the thin middle-aged mad two energy axes several times larger than his own in an instant. One of the energy tomahawks, after breaking away from his control, roared at Mei Shi, who was still in the air, while thon Mei Shi's chest, almost without a trace of stagnation. The giant axe of energy will fly away directly from the air, and then fall heavily to the ground. Whoa! Mei Shi, who had fallen to the ground, opened his mouth and spurted out a mouthful of blood. His face was pale. He barely got up,interactive panel board, and a deep, bone-visible wound appeared on his chest. As for the'broken wind knife 'that was originally in his hand, it also fell aside. hsdsmartboard.com